The IT procurement challenge

The IT procurement challenge

IT hardware, software and services procurement requires specialist knowledge.

Average IT spending per employee has more than doubled in the last two decades, but corporate revenue and operating profits have not climbed proportionally. With IT spend so critical to growth, IT hardware and software procurement must become a core competence for organisations. For UK organisations the Brexit currency devaluation has also provided an unwelcome cost increase with virtually all software and hardware pricing driven by the US dollar.

However, the IT hardware, software and services categories are not straightforward; systems and hardware are embedded and intrinsically linked to core business processes, business performance and customer delivery – and with the shift to cloud and SaaS, many of an organisation’s IT suppliers must be considered as strategic relationships.

Procura have specialist IT software and hardware expertise in-house; consultants who are dedicated to this category, understand the supply market and are dealing with systems suppliers such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce on an ongoing basis.

The scope of our expertise includes: enterprise software licencing, datacentres, telecoms, networking, hardware, software development and offshoring

Our IT services include:

  • Demand management
  • Contract review and licence renegotiation
  • Support & maintenance contracting
  • Supplier selection process management
  • Supplier negotiation


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