Water deregulation 1st April 2017 – opportunity to pay less for your water supply

Water deregulation 1st April 2017 – opportunity to pay less for your water supply

From April 1st businesses in England join those in Scotland in being able to choose which supplier to get their water from. The water market is deregulating in England which means that for the first time you have choice about who to buy your water from. Whether you’re a small business with just one site or a larger organisation spread over multiple locations there are opportunities for you.

Water deregulation in the UK is about removing barriers to competition and opening up the water retail market for non-domestic customers. This means that organisations in both England and Scotland will be able to shop around and choose their water supplier – no more being tied to your local supplier whether you like it or not.

Scotland became the first country in the world to deregulate its water market for non-domestic customers back in 2008. Many businesses in Scotland have changed supplier since then, and it is now estimated that businesses in Scotland could make savings of between 15% and 20% just by switching.

England will follow in Scotland’s footsteps on 1st April 2017 giving businesses, charities and public sector organisations in England the same freedom to choose their water supplier.

We see four opportunities for businesses to take immediate advantage of the change:

  1. Freedom to negotiate better deals
  2. Improved customer service (there’s nothing like healthy competition to make providers up their game – at last!)
  3. Multi-utility bundles and discounting – buying your electricity, gas and water through one provider
  4. One supplier for all locations – one supplier (one account manager, one bill, etc) for all your sites, no matter where your business is located


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