• Many businesses join Procura Solutions
  • Procura combine spending power to get best supplier price
  • Negotiated prices are made available to Members
  • We manage suppliers constantly to drive down pricing & ensure best value
We aggregate the spend of all our member companies to leverage buying power and deliver significant, sustainable savings through carefully selected, best value suppliers.

All organisations have regular, indirect costs they must cover simply to carry on doing business. These costs have a direct impact on the bottom-line, but many small and medium sized companies don’t have the time, resource or buying power to ensure they are continually securing the best deals and maximising profitability.  

Procura Solutions works with a large number of organisations to pool their indirect spend and leverage collective buying power to achieve prices and service levels normally only available to big business.

After a fast-track joining process, members have immediate access to lower prices and catalogues from our pre-sourced, pre-selected suppliers, so they can start saving from day one.

Creating enhanced value through ongoing support

Procura provide ongoing support and regular reporting so that members can see exactly what savings they are achieving.  Our consultants provide a quarterly expert review with essential insights and clear, actionable recommendations for continued enhancements.

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Our team manage all suppliers and monitor prices to ensure they continue to provide best value, while additional spend from a growing membership enables us to drive further savings over time. Members are therefore guaranteed sustainable, long-term lower prices without any of the issues associated with supplier management.