What will I save?

Our Member's are typically saving upwards of 20% through use of our Frameworks. To get started, our team will work with you to review your spend data and tell you exactly how much your business will save.

Will I know how much I will save before I join?

Yes, our team will work with you to review your current pricing. We will send you a report detailing your old and new pricing, and your savings, along with a Membership form. If you would like to join and access the Frameworks, you simply sign and return the Membership form.

I'm concerned about quality. Are you comparing 'like-for-like'?

We provide a comparison based on "like-for-like" so that you can continue to buy at the same specification and quality. In addition and depending on the category, we will provide two options for our clients; firstly a like-for-like option (e.g. same product, same brand ) and secondly, recommendations on equivalent 'fit for purpose' products which can offer lower pricing (e.g. equivalent product, different brand). Our aim is to provide our Members with cost reduction options to select from.

What does it cost?

There is no charge to access the Procura Solutions frameworks.

Which suppliers are on your frameworks?

We have several, carefully selected suppliers on our frameworks, for each category. The initial review of your spend will determine the best fit framework supplier depending on your requirements and location and we will make this recommendation to you at this stage. However, if there are any suppliers you don't want to be considered for your business please let us know and we will ensure they are not involved in the process.

Do you have just one supplier for each category or can we select from more than one?

We have several preferred suppliers on our frameworks for each category. This maintains strong competition between preferred suppliers for framework business and also enables us to select the best-fit supplier to suit each client's requirements.

Will you help me move to the new supplier?

Yes, our team will manage the new supplier on-boarding process to ensure a smooth transition to the Framework supplier.

What happens once I am set-up?

Our team will help you set-up the new supplier. You then transact directly with the new supplier as you would normally, only taking advantage of Procura Solutions framework pricing.

What Management Information will I receive?

Our team provide a quarterly report on your Framework expenditure so that you can monitor and ensure you are maximising your savings. You simply login to our Client Portal to view.

How do you ensure I continue to get the best pricing?

We manage all supplier relationships and constantly monitor, benchmark and renegotiate prices. Our buying team are constantly leveraging the value of our aggregated spend to ensure you continue to benefit from market-leading prices and supplier service.

Do all Members get the same prices?

Yes, all Members obtain the same pricing. We are constantly adding new volume to our frameworks which drives improved pricing for all Members.

How is Procura remunerated?

Procura are remunerated through a supplier commission based on the total amount of the framework spend. This enables us to offer and maintain framework access at no cost to Members.

Who is responsible for the day-to day relationship with the framework supplier?

The operational "day-to-day" relationship will be between the framework supplier and the Member. Our buying team provide meet with each framework provider on a quarterly basis to review performance of the entire framework and to ensure market competitiveness. We request that any major issues with the framework supplier be fed back by logging into the 'Procura SCM portal' and completing the feedback section. This information is monitored and used for discussion and resolution at these review meetings.

What happens if we are unhappy with the performance of a framework supplier?

We will resolve any major issues with your framework supplier as soon as possible after notification. Procura go through a pre-qualification process with framework suppliers who are carefully selected for quality, service, assurance, innovation and cost. However, complete satisfaction of our clients is our ultimate goal, so we would facilitate a change to another framework supplier on the same terms if required.

What if I have requirements that are not covered by the Frameworks?

The Procura Solutions frameworks provide a solution for core indirect spend categories - the everyday business overheads. For specific requirements, our sister company Procura Consulting provides a range of professional services that help clients improve operational performance and profitability - from identifying and evaluating opportunities for savings, to implementing and managing category-specific cost reduction programmes. We can deliver savings on other categories of spend through a hands-on consulting approach specific to your purchasing requirements and would be delighted to review your spend data and provide recommendations. For more information please see www.procuraconsulting.co.uk

I am a Public Sector organisation, can I use these frameworks?

We welcome Public Sector organisations, however our frameworks have not been subject to an OJEU compliant tendering process. If you are a public sector client and your spend over the contract term is likely to be under the OJEU threshold you are very welcome to take advantage of our framework pricing.

If Procura move to a new framework supplier are we obligated to move supplier too?

There may be times when after a tender process or for supply performance reasons that Procura may decide to change a framework supplier. We will provide Members with the option to remain with the incumbent supplier or move to a new Framework supplier and we will assist with the transition.

Am I contracted for any period of time?

No, there is no contract period. If you want to opt-out of the framework at any time, you are free to do so. You will no longer be able to access the framework pricing.